Update: 19 january 2024


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Major changes:

1) 1. Now there is no need to use a VPN to play Counter-Strike Online 2 Global. I have implemented 2 mechanisms for connecting people together without it: Peer->Peer (Direct) connection and Relay connection. When you connect to the room host, the first thing tried by the game is Peer->Peer (Direct) connection. If it didn't establish in time then connection will be seamlessly switched to the Relay mode and all the traffic will be routed in the following way: Peer->Server->Peer. This way your ping will be higher but it should work in the worst case scenarios, for example, when all ports of the room host's ISP are closed. 2. Connection method is displayed on screen if "Show FPS / Ping" is enabled in game settings. 3. Server moved to a different location and to a better server machine with higher internet bandwidth. Costs are higher now but it is a required step for improving everyone's experience.

2) New improved "CSO2-Global-Launcher.exe". Now Global launcher looks up to date. It also got more functionality inside. For example, you can finally change your "Favorite map" and "Favorite mode" to see the changes in game in the "User Info". Also in Global launcher you can now see the most important stats of your account (KAD, clan, exp, etc), Server news, Players online, etc. Plus, you no longer need .bat or .lnk files to start the game with custom arguments. In "Settings" menu you can customize the starting options as you like - enabling "Override" mode will replace all default (not visible) arguments with yours. Do not use this if you don't know how it works otherwise you may be unable to enter the game at all. Default arguments are: "-lang english -masterip global -masterport 30001 -decryptedfiles -enablecustom -debugconsole -username xxxx -password yyyy -debuginfo", copy-paste it if needed. Global launcher was coded by Flicker, design concept made by SilverCatzZ.

Noticeable changes:

3) Added new Silver & Gold Case to the game. It mostly includes weapons with less amount of skins. The highlight of this case are 4 [S] class skins: M249 Gold, Colt M1911A1 Gold, Barrett M107A1 CQ Silver, Barrett M95 Silver. All skins made by SilverCatzZ, except Alexander Beowulf Shark Camo - made by s.t.v.o.l.

4) 1. Clan members are now also displayed in Clan tab of Messenger. This allows quick different interactions with these people, for example: Add friend, Follow, Invite to party. 2. Also now Clan Notice is finally displayed for everyone and not only for the Clan Master like it was before.

5) Implemented party mechanics on the server. It works like this: 1. To invite user to a party you should open a Messenger and on the Friends/Clan tab click on the 'chain' button. 2. Once invitation is sent, target player will see it on the screen above the chat, but if he didn't notice it, invitation will also appear for him on the Notification tab. 3. Once invitation is accepted, party leader will be able to select gamemode to play or queue for matchmaking game (not implemented yet), and the party member will not be able to select anything. Party leader will also be able to transfer the rights to some party member, by right-clicking the user in Messenger/Party -> 'Set P.Leader'. 4. When the game started, you can press TAB and see that party members got marked with a green label. If the party member is on your team, you will also see a green triangle above the character model. 5. NOTE: if a new member join the party, all party members will be thrown out of the current room if they are inside of some room (thanks to Nexon logic).

6) Added a new function to the lobby chat menu - "Items collection". Now you can check how much items of specific grade you have obtained in the game. Also I have improved the visual appearance of 2 already existing functions here - "Get current online", and "Black Market time".

7) 1. Improved lobby's Channel and Room chat coloring. Now it has the same visual style as the Clan chat. 2. Improved the logic of lobby's chat buttons: In Whisper/W tab there will only be whisper messages. In Clan/C tab there will only be clan messages + system notifications when clan member logged in/out. In Party/P tab there will only be party messages. In Megaphone tab there will only be megaphone messages with the VIP level of sender displayed (was not displayed before). In General/S tab there will be ALL messages (including Win, Craft and System messages). 3. Removed unused megaphones (MPS and MPC) options from dropdown menu in lobby chat UI.

8) Improved visual appearance of "Combination" tab in Lobby. Now you can see the possible outcome of crafting not only as text in recipe description, but as the items itself in the "Expected Result" block.

9.1) Improved visual appearance of "Leaderboard" tab in Lobby. Now there are 5 tabs and all of them have the same visual style - 1 Level tab, 3 Matchmaking tabs, 1 Endless Wave tab. "Lv", "TD", "St", "EW" icons were made by SilverCatzZ since there are no specific icons made by Nexon for 4 out of 5 tabs. Also your name now is highlighted with the orange color, so you can find yourself on the board easily. Note, that leaderboard updates once in 1-2 minutes.

9.2) Removed ranking place in few parts of UI - from "User Info" (single number cannot exist cause there are 5 different sorting methods on Leaderboard), and from "Clan Page" (single number cannot exist cause there are 4 different sorting methods on Clan List). These ranking places were replaced by user/clan ID instead. Now to get an accurate understanding of your actual ranking place you have to visit each subtab separately on Leaderboard (for user) and on Clan List (for clan).

10) Replaced "Quick Start" in lobby to "Big City", cause "Quick Start" didn't provide any additional functionality to the game besides entering "Big City" in its UI. And also "Custom Game" was renamed to "Normal Game", cause it is normally used as a primary way of checking and entering existing rooms on server.

11) 1. Changed the algorithm of calculating the Points for leveling up. Now the amount of Points you receive is static and easier to understand; it is no longer luck based. For each level up you will get 1.500 accumulative Points as a reward. For example: getting level 2 is 1.500 Points, getting level 3 is 3.000 Points, and so on. Basic formula is: (obtained level - 1) * 1.500. Thus, on level 200 you will get 298.500 Points as a reward, no more, no less. 2. Points and Cash for the game end are now given for every second of playing instead of minute, cause with the old approach players were not receiving rewards for playing e.g. 59 seconds. Note that Points and Cash are as usually given only if you do not leave midgame.

12) 1. Added ability to use coins faster in Supply Warehouse. 2. Added Mileage counter above the Points counter in Supply Warehouse to track how much cases you have opened.

13) Now in the game on the banners window you will be able to click the banner to open the corresponding site page in your default browser. It should be super useful for players who might like to read the patch notes.

14) Now you can transfer the room host to another player more easily, just right click on a user and select "Set Host". Before this change, you had to write a "/host %username" to the room chat.

15) Restored tab "Action Prop" inside the "Licenses" menu. Since I decided to not implement unlockable things inside to not overcomplicate the items obtaining, that "Action Prop" tab will just be used to showcase which props has special action available in Hide'n'Seek. Special action can be toggled on and off by pressing the [F] key by default.

16) Added Wiki page on this site where I wrote useful info about some CSO2 server and client mechanics. More info may be added to the Wiki at some point later.

17) Achievements are now obtainable right in the game, reward is added to you immediately. There is no need to finish the game properly, you can just leave at any time after obtaining achievement. However, it does not apply to the Points and Cash that is given on the game results screen based on the time you played.

Minor changes:

18) 1. Fixed bad spawn position (thanks Nexon) of the Leet in Campaign: 1. Now he doesn't fall from above when the cutscene begins. 2. Fixed positions of 2 arks on DE_DUST2 under TR spawn, cause one of them was floating in the air (thanks Nexon) + Added missing part of the door arch on the bomb site A.

19) Improved the way you spawn weapons that you do not own in Practice gamemode. Now you just need to write 1 line in console to spawn a weapon instead of doing 2 actions for that. Latest list of weapon names and id's can be downloaded from HERE.

20) Gamemodes were reordered in "Normal Game" menu. They are now placed accordingly to their style (PVP, PVE, Hide'n'Seek, Zombie, etc) what makes the list more logical and easier to navigate.

21) Now every time you win the Daily Boss mission you will get a random case instead of the same one like it was before.

22) Removed spam warning when buying too many weapons in a short period of time. It was super annoying game design decision by Nexon before.

23) Login screen inside the game where you had to press ENTER is no longer displayed as it was a redundant feature.

24) Fixed "S. Rifle only" restriction (that no one used anyway) in Original and Competitive gamemodes, cause bots sometimes were not buying the weapons at all.

25) Changed weapons allocations in Buy Menu: 1. Hunting Knife Phobos/Dione/Oberon skins moved from Seal Knife to Hunting Knife. 2. Seal Knife Camo moved from dedicated slot to Seal Knife. Katana SA2 was moved to freed slot. 3. Candle Xmas moved from dedicated slot to Seal Knife. Sledgehammer SA2 was moved to freed slot. 4. Gurkha's Knife SA2 renamed to Kukri SA2 and moved from Seal Knife to Kukri.

26) 1. Added MAD_CITY and BIGCITY_MAIN maps to Z City Team gamemode. These maps were available only in solo version of Z City, but now it is available for a team play to have more fun. 2. Changed balance in Z City/Team from 1000 HP + damage multipliers to 160 HP + default damage. In the end it has about the same balance but now it is implemented more clearly. 3. Fixed spectating the teammate when you died in Z City Team (will not work when you was alone in the team from the beginning). 4. Implemented team chat properly in Z City Team which is based on the generated squad id.

27) Translated weapon descriptions to English. Other items was not translated for now; maybe it will happen in the future updates.

28) Added digital signature to the game .exe files, which helped to get rid of most false-positive antivirus detections.

29) Other small unlisted changes.

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