About the game

Counter-Strike Online 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Nexon under the supervision of license holder Valve. This game is a second instalment of Counter-Strike Online, which has been a huge hit phenomenon all over Asia. Counter-Strike Online 2 is powered by enhanced Source engine and offers improved graphics, real-time shadows and more dynamic and realistic gameplay. The game features not only unique gamemodes extending the original Counter-Strike experience, but also a huge variety of new weapons, equipment, playable characters and maps. The most important thing about Counter-Strike Online 2 is that each player can find something appealing to his preference - fun or serious gamemodes, male or female characters, etc.

Download the game

Press desired button to download Counter-Strike Online 2 installer (includes all updates and the game launcher). Installation tutorial is under the spoiler below.


Recent updates

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