About the game

Counter-Strike Online 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Nexon under the supervision of license holder Valve. This game is a second installment of Counter-Strike Online, which has been a huge hit phenomenon all over Asia. Counter-Strike Online 2 is powered by enhanced Source engine and offers imporved graphics, real-time shadows and more dynamic and realistic gameplay. The game features not only unique gamemodes extending the original Counter-Strike experience, but also a huge variety of new weapons, equipment, playable characters and maps. The most important thing about Counter-Strike Online 2 is that each player can find something appealing to his preference - fun or serious gamemodes, male or female characters, etc.

Download the game

Press desired button to download the game installer (includes all updates, launcher and Radmin VPN). Installation tutorial is under the spoiler below.


Recent updates

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