Update: 07 august 2022


1) Added 2 new weapon skins: [S] "QBZ-95 Chrome" and [S] "Radon MSBS-B Chrome". Those weapon skins can be obtained from "Black Abstract Case" and "Black Red Case". Weapon skins were made by SilverCatzZ.

2) Added 2 new female characters ported from Sudden Attack 2: "Geni SA2" and "Yasmin SA2". Those 2 characters were the last female characters to be ported from that game. Those characters can be obtained from "Characters Case". Characters were ported by BQJ.

3) Added 2 new hats: "Plague Mask" and "Copper Demon Mask". Those hats can be obtained from "Hats Case". Hats were adapted by BQJ.

4) Added 1 new cute spray: "Yuri 3 Spray". That spray can be obtained from "Sprays Case". Spray was made by unknown person.

5) Added 2 new useful functions to the lobby UI: "Get current online" and "Black Market time". Clicking on those functions will get you a useful information in the chat window.

6) Improved ban system. Now the fair punishment will reach all the cheaters that were catched but used ip/hwid changer to avoid the punishment. Thanks to Houingx aka YoonHeeWon (main cheater) for motivating me to add a stronger ban system.

7) Small improvements and fixes:
7.1) Black Market: Fixed missing "Alexander Beowulf" icon.
7.2) Zombie Crush: Fixed levitating prop on ZD_LASTTRAIN map.
7.3) Zombie Commander: Once again reduced the system load caused by train icon.
7.4) Zombie Zeta: 1. Fixed slug radio commands (mutation "Afterlife") - using it will no longer play male voice lines. 2. Now the character scream when being infected will depend on the human gender (e.g. if female got infected she will scream as a female even if she become Heavy Zombie afterwards). 3. Added special cubes on all maps that can be carried by human with a "Constructor" mutation. 4. Added more hiding spots to ZZ_FESTIVAL.
7.5) Original (VIP Assassination): Fixed special cases when one team got multiple scores in one round.

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