Update: 29 may 2022


This update is not that big as the previous one, so we start with a notable changes first:

1) Added 2 completely new cases: "Black Abstract Case" that includes unique "Abstract" skins and "Black Red Case" that includes unique "Red" skins (resembles CSO1 skins). Notably, both cases also include few "White Gold" skins (resembles CSO1 skins). Weapon skins were made by SilverCatzZ.

2) Custom submode "VIP Assassination" was added to the "Original" gamemode. It activates automatically if you select the map with the name that starts with "AS_", for example AS_OILRIG. In this submode Counter-Terrorists have to protect and help the VIP player to reach the helicopter, and Terrorists have to eliminate the VIP player before he reach the helicopter.
For modders: Click HERE to learn how to make your custom maps compatible with "VIP Assassination" submode.

3) Short versions of iconic maps were added to "Original" and "Competitive" gamemodes: DE_DUST2_2X2 (A site only) and DE_INFERNO_2X2 (A site only).

4) "Zombie Zeta" gamemode was improved: Now you can play it with bots (use "Bots Number" in room settings to configure the number of bots). Now the doors on CS_ESTATE and CS_ASSAULT will always be opened to make sure that bots do not stuck there. Mutation "Blind Swordsman" was disabled because it was used by the humans to reach places unreachable for the zombies. Now you can obtain ALL existing mutations at the same time if you extended the limit with the help of Mutation Machines placed on the maps (you could obtain up to 50 mutations before).

5) Added 4 new female characters from Sudden Attack 2 (SA2): Scarlett [CT], Niki [CT], Leona [TR], Viper SA2 [TR]. You can obtain them from "Characters Case". Characters were ported by BQJ.

6) Added 3 completely new cute sprays: "Mao 2 Spray", "Yuri 2 Spray", "Mila 2 Spray". You can obtain them from "Sprays Case". Sprays made from drawings by the unknown author.

7) Now in "Practice" gamemode you can play with the weapons that you currently don't own (melee, secondary, primary). To achieve that you have to do the following steps:
1. Start the game with enabled "External Console".
2(1). After starting the match write in console "set_weapon XXXX YYYY", where XXXX is weapon class you want spawn and YYYY is the weapon skin (optional). You can find weapon classes and skins in THIS file. Examples of a proper commands are "set_weapon weapon_awp" and "set_weapon weapon_acr xmas".
2(2). After starting the match write in console "set_weapon_id XXXX" where XXXX is weapon id you want spawn. You can find weapon id's in THIS file. Example of a proper command is "set_weapon_id 5127".
3. Depending on what command you wrote before now press radio button [C] and select an option [5] or [6] to receive a desired weapon.

8) New gamemode "Gun Deathmatch" was added to the game. There was already a team version of gun game, but I decided to make a deathmatch version of it with some changes:
1. Weapons are completely randomized and you can get them in any grade (SS+, SS, S, A, B, C, Default).
2. No HP balance. No knife on regular levels. No downgrades.
3. To upgrade a level you need to collect 4 stars. 2 stars are given for a headshot kill and 1 star is given for a normal kill. No stars are given for assisting.
4. There are 40 levels in total. Level 38: Kill with HE grenade and knife. Level 39: Kill with a knife in a Stealth mode (damage is boosted). Level 40: Kill with a knife as a Pig.

9) Lists of clan members were finally implemented. "Clan Members" tab will be updated if you press Clan Page under the Clan tab. "Clan Members Online" tab will be updated if you reopen the Clan tab. As a result you can now also use the following buttons: "Edit Grade", "Kick User", "Change Master".

Also there is a bunch of small changes and fixes:

1) Length of the messages in chat was increased from 40 to 65 characters.

2) Defuse kit of character "707" was placed correctly. It was floating in a strange way before.

3) Now in "Big City: PVE" gamemode you can grab an RPG-7 on the spawn point of the roof where you supposed to battle the helicopters. It was placed incorrectly before.

4) Reserved ammo in "Mabinogi Heroes" gamemode for some weapons like USAS-12 was set to a proper amount (there were not enough reserved ammo to properly fight monsters before). Also using the radio commands will play a voice lines now (using the radio commands before was not producing any sound in "Mabinogi Heroes" gamemode before).

5) Third person texture of "Hunting Knife Monkey" was fixed. Fixed third person textures of camo skins for M16A4/M203 because the handle was not colored properly before.

6) In some specific cases first person texture of "Mosin-Nagant Royal" should no longer disappear.

7) Added achievements for playing 5 maps: AS_OILRIG, KZ_BHOP_LUCID, KZ_BHOP_ANGKOR, XC_TONES, BHOP_EAZY_V2. Also the minimaps (radar images) were created for these maps.

8) Fixed A and B site on DE_INFERNO loading preview (map scheme). I forgot to swap them in the previous update.

9) Fixed few bugs in Global Launcher: Now you can type the login only with a small letters. After updating the game launcher should no longer display a text "Downloading update...". GLOBAL LAUNCHER SHOULD BE DOWNLOADED SEPARATELY FROM UPDATE ARCHIVE.

10) Improved launcher.exe: Now you can use any language file besides english with the -lang XXXX argument (don't forget to place desired language file to the folder). Now you have to include -login XXXX and -password XXXX as arguments if you start the game manually because launcher.exe will no longer read data from your language file, what protects your account data a little bit more.

11) Unneeded files that is not read by the game were removed: weapon_50beowulf.txt, weapon_dummy.txt and some others.

12) Now in the map TESTZONE_TRANSITION2 you can no longer fall under the map behind the containers. I blocked the hole carefully.

13) In "Gunball" gamemode you can no longer run into the rare bug leading to console errors. It could happen if you won the game and started shooting while not having a secondary weapon.

14) Mutation "Biomedical bomb" was disabled in "TDM Mutation" gamemode because it is useless outside of the zombie-themed gamemodes.

15) Optimized a navigation icon for a train in "Zombie Commander" gamemode. Redraw of icon was happening too frequently and that was leading to a lower FPS.

16) Enabled bots on "RPG Battle" gamemode.

17) M9 Bayonet Crystal was enhanced and colored to fit an [A] grade better.

18) Even smaller changes that I won't list.

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